Es ist Erntezeit!
Wir ernten gerade den heurigen Jahrgang - und werden ihn Euch dann voraussichtlich ab Mitte/Ende September anbieten können! Warum wir heuer einen Plan B brauchen, erfahrt ihr hier: Link

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Honey bees fly up to three kilometers to collect nectar, pollen and propolis. Maybe they are also busy at your place? Our map with the flight locations will tell you.

Our bee colonies live mostly in the northern Salzkammergut (Austria), nestled between the picturesque Attersee-Traunsee region and the near-natural orchards of the Hausruckwald. They remain in their usual locations throughout the year: That is why we can harvest local site honeys for selected locations.

You know a natural meadow orchard or own a sunny forest edge in the northern Salzkammergut, where bees could feel at home all year round? We are always happy to receive tips and look at new location opportunities.

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