Propolis drops

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Organic propolis drops from natural construction

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Alcohol, propolis*.
Ingredients from controlled organic farming, *produced by the Stockwerk bees


16.3% propolis according to laboratory analysis (current vintage)
Raw propolis was prepared in 70% Demeter alcohol, also to preserve as much as possible of the water-soluble substances.


Propolis or bee resin is an ancient natural product for soothing wounds and can also be taken orally. Bees obtain propolis from buds and barks of various trees. They use this precious resin to protect themselves from bacteria, fungi and viruses, sealing small cracks and crevices in the floor. Our bee resin comes from natural honeycomb and was gently prepared to preserve as many ingredients as possible. Here we rely on a higher than average propolis content to develop the best effect.


Propolis from the hive is considered a dietary supplement in Austria. The maximum recommended daily intake is 3 x 20 drops. For example, if the drops are taken as a course of treatment over several weeks in winter, our personal experience is that 5-10 drops daily are also sufficient.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. Store out of reach of children. Propolis drops contain alcohol and are not recommended for pregnant women.